Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Elizabeth Shaw Mint Robin

Oh my life, what possessed me?  This is definitely too much fiddle fart for just one Elizabeth Shaw mint crisp!!!!!!
andys nokia 052
I thought that I had flogged the whole chocolate mint thing to death, but then I got to thinking about robins  after finding this robin embellishment below  that I bought last year and as I had a few mints leftover from something else, one thing led to another!
andys nokia 067
Using the robin as a sort of template, I used my 1 3/4”  Stampin’Up circle punch for the bodies, made with brown card and the breasts with red glitter paper (which I then re shaped), then I cut a section from circles made with my 1” punch  for the tails, (also in brown card). 
Mint Crisp Robin
But my main problem was that my feeble brain just couldn’t, after making the first side of the robin, fathom out how to put together the reverse one (? what a numpty)  …. and I am ashamed to say I had to have several attempts at getting both sides to match up, the poor robin’s tail ended up in some very strange places before I was happy!
andys nokia 048
Eventually I managed to match both sides up, including googly eyes and then thought about adding a pair of dangly legs, using brown thonging and two beads.  I have to admit it looked very cute! 
andys nokia 051 
The final stage was to add a thread to hang him up by and sandwich a mint between the two sides, but as I said when I first started …. far too much fiddle fart for one blooming mint!!!
Elizabeth Shaw Mint RobinElizabeth Shaw Mint Robon decoration


Padster said...

Far too much work but oh so cute xx

Frenchie said...

so cute and worth the effort once you got going! :-)

Suze Bain said...

Oh, very cute! xx

Sue said...

The mints wouldn't stay around long enough for to make anything with them:)

Bee and Dee said...

Wonderful fiddle farting i think the robin is great. Hugs Bee

Marg said...

As you say too much fiddling but now you've got the hang of it why stop there?

dizzy di said...

I do love these!!!

Twiggy said...

That is fab !!!
Twiggy x

misteejay said...

LOL...Waaaaaaay too much fiddle farting but that doesn't stop them being darn cute.

Toni xx

Bubbles said...

Absolutely fabulous!!! Would look great hanging from a twig, or all over the christmas tree!!
Joanne x

lynda said...

It's fab!!! I think I'm speechless!!

Lynda xx

marc said...

This is my fav i Dare not show my sis in law she would want me to make a least 300 for her school and don't have the time mind you i could do them one sided use half a circle for the breast ect ect no don't go there i have enough to do lol Helen i love this so much really is my fav big love Marc might start making them for next year just put the mint in nearer the time lol

Anj said...

Fiddle Farting at its best!! If I made some and anyone actually ate one......! Well done x

Alex said...

Great idea, recipient would have to appreciate it far too much for the work involved for one mint!