9th March 2014
After a great deal of thought and taking in all the changes in my life over the past eighteen months or so, I have decided that for the the time being, at least, I will only be posting once a week on a Monday from now on.......

I am sorry I cannot send out any templates, poems etc. that I may have previously offered in the past, the files have been lost and I have chosen not to redo them

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Champagne Flute Wedding Bubbles

I had bought some regular tubs of bubbles from Poundland a while back with the intention of making them look more “weddingy”, but whatever I did with them they just didn't look right, in fact everything looked I tried pants!!!
Poundland wedding bubblesSo I decided to relent and go back to Poundland to look at their “proper” wedding bubbles ….. as I admit I was being “tight” ….. but then when you see the price that some shops/companies are charging for wedding bubbles – 6 for £1 in Poundland is an absolute steal ….. after all, when all said and done, you’ll only really blow a few ….. so the tubs I was originally going to use would really have been too much.
wedding bubblesAll I have then done is add a bit of frippery using some of the ribbons and punch flowers left over from the invitations and place settings etc. Done and dusted!


Sue said...

Really fab idea.

Barb Cady said...

I am really enjoying reading about this wedding, my daughter spread sheeted hers in a similar way and it was fabulous! She didn't have a wedding cake as such, but got a big selection of 'tea cakes' made by a friend and another friend made a cake stand out of bike parts as they are cycling fanatics. Much more enjoyable to seek out bargains, this wedding will be memoriable! X

marc said...

fab love what you have done keep the others to give to kids or use at christmas dec them up as snow ect sure your thing of something big love marc