9th March 2014
After a great deal of thought and taking in all the changes in my life over the past eighteen months or so, I have decided that for the the time being, at least, I will only be posting once a week on a Monday from now on.......

I am sorry I cannot send out any templates, poems etc. that I may have previously offered in the past, the files have been lost and I have chosen not to redo them

Monday, 8 July 2013

QVC Retail Outlet Store

I thought I had better give the QVC Retail Outlet Store in the Darwin Centre, Shrewsbury a mention as I notice that it still gets quite a few hits when I look at my blog stats and I don’t want to mislead anyone ….

QVC don’t seem to do much crafting these days (if any???) and this was reflected in the stock they had in the shop last time I was there about four weeks ago … and I would hate for anyone to go there after my excitement of finding a fabulous  crafty bargain in past posts and be disappointed.

Four weeks ago the craft section was reserved to a couple of shelves in the corner at the back of the store …. which would have been easy to miss if you didn’t know what you were looking for, all they had were a few Martha Stewart “All Over The Page” Punches – which weren’t that cheap and piles and piles of digi image CD’s for about £1.99. There were a few other paper bits and pieces, but nothing compared to the past, so perhaps not worth making a special visit or going out of your way for in search, solely,  of a crafty bargains.

The stock must be change constantly …. so I guess it’s the luck of the draw when you go in …. the element of surprise!  I love Yankee Candles and though I didn’t buy any at the time,  as I have cupboard full of their Baby Powder and Midnight Jasmin tea lights …. (my favourites), they did have big packs of assorted small candles for about £24 … which I may have snapped up in the past to split up and give as presents with a votive holder. 


Bumblebee said...

We have a QVC outlet near us too, but the craft stuff has been getting worse for a while, I definitely wouldn't go out of my way to go there anymore :( I did get some amazing bargains though in the past!

marc said...

they have gone down hill on tv to mind you I would not buy of QVC so expensive And the P&P Thanks' for the info big love marc