9th March 2014
After a great deal of thought and taking in all the changes in my life over the past eighteen months or so, I have decided that for the the time being, at least, I will only be posting once a week on a Monday from now on.......

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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Halloween Trick Or Treat Bags ….. For Olivia’s Legacy

Well my cellophane bags have arrived and so there was no excuse not to get my Halloween Trick or Treat Bags made ….. all paid for with my Bonus Ball Lottery win at work.
Halloween Trick or Treat Bags..First I made all the tags, 40 in all, using scraps of orange, green and purple card for the tags and other scraps for the decoration ….
Halloween Tags 2Halloween Tags 5.
….. the bubble and foil stickers I got from the poundshops of Wolverhampton…..
Halloween Tags 5Halloween Tags 6
.…. and some adhesive Halloween edging strips from Dianne in Florida
Halloween Tags 3Halloween Tags 4
…… plus a bit of FiddleFart doodling.
Halloween Tags 1Halloween Tags 2
Trick or Treat Tags. foil stickersAll the tags are slightly different and it became more and more interesting as the adhesive strips began to run out as well as the “best” stickers!
Trick or Treat Halloween tags for bags
Once all the tags were made it was time to put the sweets into the bags without being tempted to just pop just one or two into my mouth ….. quality control, obviously.  With 80 chocolates in each tub of Celebrations or Heroes …. I was able to fill 10 bags ….
Halloween Sweet BagsHalloween Sweet Bags 1
I added a few novelties into each bag, but will make sure that everyone is made aware that these bags are not suitable for children under 36 months because of this.
Trick or Treat BagsA matching ribbon finished each bag off perfectly ….
HalloweenTrick or Treat bags. favor bags……  with left over foil stickers put on the bag of the bags which made them look really “professional”!
Trick or Treet Halloween sweet bags
I am going to sell these bags at work, the first time I have taken anything in over two years, so I am a little nervous that they’ll go  …. and all the money I take will be sent to Olivia’s Legacy, my new charity of choice for this year, a group I have only just heard about  set up by one of my readers and new friend Melanie …… this is her story …..
To provide the hospital Olivia was born in, with boxes that shall contain special items for parents of children born under 24 weeks. These will include, inkless wipes (to gain hand and footprints), a birth certificate (something not provided to babies under 24 weeks), a blanket and teddy (something the hospital will not provide unless donated) and other items we think will bring comfort.
Olivia's birth was a sudden shock. We had no clothes prepared for her. If someone had not donated to the hospital, we would have had our daughter presented to us, naked, in a medical tray (which looks very akin to a cat litter tray). No child should suffer indignity. No parent should be helpless in a time of distress.
We would give anything to turn back the time and have her foot and handprints. This service is offered, through charity sponsorship, in a lot of hospitals - but not in ours! Those prints would mean everything to us - we never want anyone to be denied that chance again.
Royal Shrewsbury Hospital offers a whole array of services to create keepsakes for Babies born over 24 weeks, but nothing to under. We want to change that. NO family should leave a labour ward empty handed.”
Please have a look at Olivia’s page and scroll down  ……there might be something you might like to do to help ….. I am going to have a go at knitting a tiny wee blanket, I would try to knit a teddy …. but my knitted toys always end up looking like aliens!!!


Cheryl W said...

Your trick or treat bags are fabulous! I am certain they will sell like hotcakes. How kind of you to support Olivia's Legacy. They'll be so grateful.

jc2711 said...

Morning Helen,

The treat bags are absolutely wonderful, you are so talented. I loved looking at them. I am sure they will sell like hot cakes.

I so love reading your blog. Have a good day.

Jackie and Bob

Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. Fab trick or treat bags, sure they will sell in a flash. How good of you to choose Olivia's Legacy. I am off to look at the site to see what I can do for them. Take care.

tilly said...

wow, you have put your money to good use lol, the treat bags are great.
What a lovely charity of your choice this year.
Tilly x

marc said...

What a fab thing to do those bags are great i would buy them thats for sure i to have made it my charity i have shared it on my Facebook pages and in my groups i hope your followers do to they have some lovely crafty projects to join in and there RAK Friday is a great idea big lov marc

Anonymous said...

Those treat bags are absolutely beautiful.....such wonderful tags, keepers for sure.....what a perfect choice for a charity to support...touches your heart....Dianne

Julia Mander said...

Helen - these are fab and you say you've lost your mojo?? I dont think so. Very creative and they will be snapped up.