Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Finally …….. I Have A Craft Room!

It’s been an awful long time coming, what with three blooming meltdowns, but finally my spare bed, as was, has gone off to its new home ………..


……… and I’ve been able to move my Habitat sofa bed (Argos) from the lounge into the “guest room”, which is where you find me today!


I must have measured the settee and the space between the two sets of drawers a hundred times before making my considered purchase, and then daren't measure it when it arrived for fear it wouldn’t fit! 


Let’s just say it did slide in, but with about 2mm spare on each side, if that, talk about flying by the seat of my pants, someone was really watching over me when I tentatively ordered it!  The light grey colour isn't perfect, but I knew that, but it soon got the fiddle fart treatment when I covered it with the crocheted blanket I bought from a Worcester charity shop while out and about with Marc, a couple of years ago,  £8 very well spent!

Boho bedcover

The sofa, which has been well tried and tested for comfort and height over the past few months, folds out, with ample space on either side to get in and out, even with my craft table still in the room, giving an extra surface for guests to put things on if needed and saving me from having to move it back into the lounge if I didn't fancy it.


I really loved the bedroom as it was, but it served no purpose for around three weekends in every month other than for my continual traipsing in and out to find craft stuff.  This way I have everything instantly at hand, the mess stays contained and if I haven’t finished a project, I can just shut the door and leave it, where one thing out of place or extra in the lounge and it used to look as it a bomb had hit it. 


When the table is down and the chair back in the lounge Iris and Bertie have an extra place to play, as well as crafting to their hearts content. There are more than enough plugs in one small space to run a printer, computer,  glue guns etc. plus a kettle, it’s pretty perfect!  Another benefit of the extra space is that I can have my Dry:Soon heated airer out without it too being on display in the lounge ……. bijoux living takes some organising, as I am still discovering after almost 5 years, but I'm getting there!


The next job is to sort out the drawers (again), they are not too bad to be honest, but now it can be done on a table instead of on the bed, where things used to have a habit of rolling off and disappearing underneath.


The lounge feels pretty empty and bare without the sofa now, as does the kitchen area, even though its only the Ikea table that’s gone. With the radiator where it is, it’s not the ideal place to put something in front. I am toying with the idea of putting a narrow, white, console type desk there as place to blog, the view is pretty amazing (as opposed to the car park at the front), but I think I need to live with the space a little while longer before making another considered purchase.

Monday, 12 April 2021

Halloween – Fairy Skeleton

Typical, I’ve put off making these fairy skeletons for far too long, but now that I have finally got round to it they have turned out even better than they “looked” in my minds-eye, so obviously I now want to make a few more ……… except getting hold of the main components is turning out to be nigh on impossible, doh!

Marc found the skeletons two years ago in Tesco, he got me a little stash and though I have used a few, I was sure I still had a lot left, sadly, I find that I am down to my last three.

The Works Fabric ButterfliesIMG_0029Making a skeleton Fairy

The same goes for the fabric butterfly wings too, bought from The Works specifically with this project in mind a while back, but now no longer available on their website, why didn’t I buy a few more packs (as usually is my want) when I saw them? Aghhhhh!!!

The Range Craft Ribbon

It was this reel of sequined lace that finally got my started, found in The Range (£1 for 3m).  I simply cut a “right looking” length off it, put a running stitch along the top, then gathered and tied it firmly together round the skeletons waist, before securing it with a blob of glue gun glue to create a skirt.  When it didn’t look full enough I repeated the process to add another layer to the skirt.

  Making a skeleton FairyIMG_0033

I then added the wings by putting a large and small butterfly wing together, sticking with my glue gun, to make a double layered set of wings, perfect!

Skeleton Fairy

The wand was made by putting a skull bead onto a cocktail stick with a small,  silver, star shaped spacer bead underneath before colouring the wooden stick with a silver felt pen.  The bead hole was a little large for the stick but another blob of glue gun glue at the bottom of the bead sorted the problem out.   The wand was then attached to the skeletons hand and chest using an epoxy resin glue as I wanted a quick but strong fix.


I wasted so much time trying to work out what sort of headdress the fairy skeleton needed, nothing looked right, so in the end I bought some large, silver crown charms from eBay, also attached with epoxy resin glue. The size was a bit of a guess, but the proportions are pretty bang on.


As an afterthought I decided to bend one of the skeleton's legs backwards using my heat gun to give him/her a more fairy like pose.  As this was my prototype I think I could do the same with the arms on the next two.


On the back of the wings I put a small jewellery bail fixing to hang the fairy by.

I can just see my twig Christmas tree full of these fairies ……. it might take some time, but at least I have a mission now to look out for more wings and new skeletons when I am out and about or searching online.


I do have another set of skeletons, but unfortunately they have a zonking great hole in the back of their heads, I could fill and cover it ????),  but I also need to try bleaching the skeletons too, as they are very dark. There is also, for me aesthetically, a problem with the positioning of the head, but I won’t bore you with the details until I work it all out!  I also have a few feathered butterflies, however their backs are very plasticky, and if I am making things to hang I like it to look good from all angles.


I could perhaps buy a large, plain butterfly die to cut my own wings, using a similar material to the originals and then spray starch them to add, pardon the pun, some extra body! Lots to think about and problems to solve, any suggestions would be very gratefully received …….

Thursday, 8 April 2021

A Piece of Easter Charity Shop Tut!

This is what I’ve soooooooooo missed during three lockdowns finding erm ……. seasonally themed treasure tut  in the local charity shops!


I mean who wouldn’t want this piece of prize kitsch depicting a young, bonneted child proffering a carrot to her pet (or random) rabbit, gracing their Easter display for the third year running now!


Ok, so the bunny had been knocked of his pedestal at some time in the past but for just 25p it would have been rude not to make a considered purchase …….


……. because perched up on the shelf for a couple of weeks over the holiday no one ever gets to see the cracks! I am soooooo counting the days down until the charity shops are open again and I can go once looking for something to make me smile or go in Marc and Ricks Sack of Tut at Christmas …………. it keeps me sane?????!!!!!

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Jenga Block Snowmen

Remember the box of Jenga blocks I found in a free giveaway outside one of the houses on the school run, well I have been busy ………not my idea, but one I found many examples of on Pinterest.

I have got 40 done, doing ten at a time, over a couple of days, as I waited for snow and paint to dry.

I think 40 will be more than enough for my fairing gifts in place of a Christmas card this year. There are 14 blocks left in the box, I am putting these aside as there were also a few ideas for Halloween characters on Pinterest that I would really like to try so watch this space.

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Wooden Bat & Pumpkin Halloween Tag/Hanging Ornament

My first Halloween craft of 2021 in April, even for me that must be a record for early starts!

Taking a wooden tag from The Works (£1.50 for 10)  I started by covering both sides with scraps of Halloween themed paper (Avenue Mandarine – Origami Paper – Boo!)


I then coloured the bats, pumpkin and frame using appropriately Halloween coloured Sharpie pens.


I put a scrap of black paper behind the frame and then added the pumpkin to the centre.  The frame and green craft stick “shelf” (Hobbycraft - 50 small, assorted coloured sticks for  £1) were then glued to the tag.


I also outlined the edges of the tag with a black Sharpie pen.


When everything was stuck Ranger Glossy Accents was applied to the frame, pumpkin and bats and green Dovecraft Enamel Affects to the edge of the “shelf” to add a little extra dimension and texture. While these were still wet, the bats added.


Under the shelf I added half a confetti shaped spiders web.

laser cut wooden bat embellishment

On the back I handwrote “Trick or Treat” on scrap of paper along and then added a couple of small plastic creepy crawlies. A few clusters of white gel pen dots and tiny orange stars here and there complete the tags.


The holes on the tag were covered by the papers, so a flat jewellery bail was added to the back for a thread to either tie or hang the tag from.

Monday, 5 April 2021

Fiddle Fart Tag Challenge

Being a bit of a loss where to put my craft energies at the moment I have decided to issue myself a challenge to create a whole pile of tags, each using whatever theme grabs me, starting with this one ……

……. to be honest I started it weeks ago,  I got so far and then it wasn’t working, so it sat in my tray staring at me while I waited for inspiration.  


The tags come from The Works and measure: 5.5 x 3.5 x 0.2cm and I have quite a few, bought mainly to help fill up an order to get free delivery (??!!), hence the tag challenge.

I started by covering one side of the tag with a scrap of blue patterned paper.


I then decided to create a shelf, as is my want, to help give the tag a 3D element, by gluing a wooden house and glittered Christmas tree embellishment onto a short, natural craft stick. I also stuck tiny scraps of yellow and red paper behind the heart and windows.


This was then attached to the tag, with added Ranger Enamel Accents on the craft stick and house but after that inspiration failed me!  It needed something else, but what?

In my head I had been fighting off the idea of adding a snowflake, thinking it would look random (?), however, working on another idea, I decided to try a small, plastic snowflake as if to prove my theory right, but it worked, doh!  Adding more Enamel Accents around the edges of the tag and a few doodled dots and stars using a white gel pen bought it all together, I liked it!

This being the prototype I think it can be fine tuned a little, another layer of glossy accents to create a deeper snow effect, the craft stick needs colour (?) and perhaps the tree needs a star, or tiny baubles (?) ……… so watch this space for Tag Mark 2!

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

What Do I Do Now …………..?

Well, that’s Easter done and dusted craft wise at least ……….


……….. it’s now time to sit back and enjoy the chocolate!


I’ve put a shelf together using the few festive bits and pieces I had, but had been really hoping, before lockdown struck, to find a few more Easter tranklements in the local charity shops to bulk things out ……


……… a few more bunnies and chickens would have been nice, but hey ho!  I have noticed that a few of the charity shops in town are gearing up to hopefully re-open on 12th April, so who knows what treasures I will find after that.  


However, one thing in means one thing out. I have a pile of stuff that needs to go back to the charity shops from whence it came, I know where it all is, but I daren’t start putting it together, because there’s no where in The Towers to put a pile of bags without it starting to look incredibly untidy. I really need to cull a lot of my Christmas stuff, some I think I will try to eBay to help finance my “craft habit” ……. but the rest has to go, my yen to create a Christmas Grotto each year has to be seriously curtailed.


But I digress, after a month or so of non stop Easter crafting it's all suddenly over …...... and I just don't know where to go from here, HELP!

The mail box in my block of flats all decorated for the holiday.

I don't enjoy making cards at the moment, however I need to get a wriggle on as I have a few I need to get done for birthdays this month ….....


So I guess I am sort of back to Halloween and Christmas again, although to be honest it seems a bit soon and I am not even sure I am in the mood, but  with more than a lifetimes f Christmas and Halloween embellishments  I just need to rev myself up and rack my brain for new and different ideas on how to use them, so please bear with me.