Tuesday, 7 February 2023

Small Valentine Favours

This is just a very quick and simple idea I put together for all the children in Bertie’s class who I listen to read on a Wednesday and Thursday.  As there are so many little ones with grandparents far away in different countries, I thought I could be a sort of makeshift Granny to them for just one day. 

Valentines Favours

I started off by creating the cards using my ancient copy of Publisher 2003, OMG, I am so rusty at it now! The text boxes measure 9cm long by 7cm across with a 2pt dash border. The font used is Ink Free in 24pt.  It was so frustrating trying to get the spacing centred after so long without practice, so I’ve kept file safe for other projects, perhaps Easter?


Once enough sheets were printed off, they needed to be cut, no my favourite choice of activity.


The chocolate hearts were 99p for a net of 14 from Home Bargains.


I stuck these down in the middle of each card with a trimmed down, double sided, adhesive, foam pad …..

Valentines FavoursIMG_0343

……. and that’s it, simples.


I put each card in a small cello bag to protect the foil on the chocolate and keep the cards clean when put in book bags etc. Happy Days!


Cheryl W said...

Perfect little gifties!

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

I see a visit to HB for me! Love your little gifts and what a wonderful idea Helen.
Faith x