Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Jenga/Tumbling Block Snowmen Christmas Tree Decorations

I really must stop myself from snapping up these tumbling block games whenever I see them in a charity shop, but marked up at just 50p for 57 blocks what’s a crafter do when she just sees their potential?

Mischief Topple Blocks

They do vary in size, I have some really small ones, but goodness only knows where they are at the moment ………..

Jenga Brick Snowmen 1

On the left is my original snowman, made at the start of the year, after I found a Jenga game in a bag of freebies outside a house during lockdown. It’s slightly wider than the ones I am using at present BUT the beauty of all other makes of blocks/bricks is that they don’t have any wording impressed on their sides that needs covering up, so win, win!


I simply paint them in a rather slap dash way with ordinary, left over, white emulsion paint. 

Jenga block snowman crafts

When dry I add the scarves.  I think I prefer this stitched effect ribbon to my original gingham one, however, due to its extra weight and stiffness it was a devil to glue, and you know how impatient I am, so after a few experiments I went for tiny applications of glue gun glue to stick it to the back and front.

Jenga Brick snowmen

I have used slightly larger, black flat gems on the mouths, but I think they still look alright and remain in proportion.  The noses are small triangles of scrap orange paper with a touch of Ranger Glossy Accents on them for extra dimension and shine.  I then put a small screw eye hook in the top of the brick so that the snowman can be hung.

These would make brilliant gift tags, as well as tree decorations, but I am thinking about putting them in a cellophane bag with a small anonymous Christmas greeting and leaving them in random places whenever I am out and about in December ……. I know Iris and Bertie would be thrilled to find something like this and I am sure they would also help me “plant” a few too. We shall see………..


Cheryl W said...

These are cute and so festive. Leaving them anonymously for others to find is a brilliant idea! There will still be some separated families this Christmas, I think, because of COVID, so finding a little snowman would be a day-brightener.

CraftyCoffey said...

The snowmen look gear, you’re so creative.