Monday, 27 September 2021

Wooden Haunted Hallows–Halloween Sign From The Range

Following on from last week Lu also found me this wooden, laser cut Halloween sign from The Range (£1.49 – which I believe they have now all sold out online)……..


………. and despite my slight disappointment in the end overall effect of my wooden wreath, it would be rude not to try something with said sign.

The Range Haunted Hallows Halloween Sign 2021

I decided I wouldn’t use any 3D effect paint on it, only Ranger Enamel Accents on the ghost and the stars because I knew it would give me a smooth effect rather than a lumpy bumpy one. …………..

The Range Wooden Halloween Sign Crafts

I coloured everything bar the ghost and stars with Sharpie pens and then outlined it all with a black biro to make sure that no ink bleed into any of the colour.

The Range crafts Wooden Halloween Sign

I then, very trepidatiously added what I thought was just a little ultra fine, translucent glitter to highlight the lettering and images, aghhhhh, I still I used too much and I ended up with a crusty rather than subtle, magical dusting effect …..

Wooden Halloween Sign Crafts The Range

……. so out came the Ranger Glossy Accents to try and put it right.


It didn’t look too bad, but after last week, although sorely tempted, I made a  concerted effort not to meddle and started to add various sized stars, spiders, eyes for the bats and three white dots here and there.


On the back of the sign I added little spiders webs which is when I knew it was time to stop!


I have to say I am pretty pleased with the finished effect.

The Range Wooden Halloween Wreath. Crafts

Sometimes you work so up close to a project that you only see the tiny little things rather than the whole picture.


I think I may give this sign to my lovely neighbour Kata to put on her front door to match mine.  Our upstairs neighbour complained about our decorating at Easter and Christmas last year, and believe me, it was subtle …… just a few window stickers on the front and entrance doors and a little something on the top of the mail boxes …….


I won’t ever do it again, however, he can’t say anything about what we put on our own front doors …… which sort of tempts me to put a wreath solely made from mint humbugs on my door this year to see if he takes the hint!  Dare I?

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Cheryl W said...

I think this sign is super! I love all the little embellishments--spiders, webs, dots, etc. And boo to your neighbor who wants to dampen your decorative spirit. I think the humbug wreath is a great idea. Maybe you could even put a Grinch on it!