Monday 28 November 2022

Christmas Cat Tree Decorations

This follows on from my post of last week, musing on making other variations of my experimental cat tree decoration.


I started by cutting part of a wooden fence embellishment just short of a length of a narrow craft stick. If/when I repeat this idea, I would make the fence slightly longer, so it’s more visible on the finished decoration.


I glued the craft stick along the bottom of the fence and then added two small beads stuck together to give something to glue the cat embellishment on to.  To give extra dimension the cat was stuck on to the front of the craft stick and onto the beads to keep it stable.


The cat was given a ribbon scarf and a Christmas tree.  It’s here that I wished the fence was just a centimetre longer on each side


The cat was given a fish (a wooden bead) and a foam, glittered hat (The Works pack of 21 for £1), all of which were given a generous coating of Ranger Glossy Accents to give it, in my opinion, a more “professional” look.


Then I went mad, adding a small, wooden Christmas plaque, glued on the bottom of the fence (The Works - pack of 6 for £1), a tiny, punched holly sprig with flat backed pearl berries on the cat’s hat, gems and nail art snowflakes on the tree, all topped off by a little Snow-Writer for the snow.


A small bail was glued to the middle of the back to allow the decoration to hang by a thin, gold cord .


I think I will return to the idea again in the new year, this was just another trial run which could be tweaked a little here and there.

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Cheryl W said...

These are fun decorations that bring a smile. The addition of the fish was a great idea. Every cat wants a fish for Christmas, right?