Monday, 5 December 2022

Knitted Christmas Wreath

What’s a girl to do when she spots a knitted wreath kit in the Salvation Army charity shop for just £3.50, well, it would look rude not to!


The kit was originally from Aldi and I was curious, as to how hard could it be, for less than the price of a coffee and slice of cake I thought it would be worth a punt while saving the calories!


Oh my goodness the needles were mahooooooosive, as was the thickness of the yarn ……


…… a good thing the instructions seemed pretty simple.  The knitting itself couldn’t have taken me more than an hour.


When I saw it wrapped round the metal frame I loved the texture.  The yarn was far too thick for any needle, but it was possible to thread it between the stitches to join the two ends together and then to close the edge inside the ring, although it didn’t like too much pulling to tighten anything up.  I used the left over wool (almost a whole ball) to pad out the inside of the wreath.


I used some burlap ribbon that originally came with a hamper a couple of Christmas’s ago, to make the bow following a tutorial on YouTube.


To add a little more colour I glue gunned some red, wooden snowflake embellishments, putting a flat backed pearl in the centres.  I also threaded a length of jute thread in the back to hang the wreath from.


The wreath is now destined for Marc and the cottage, he loves a knitted novelty, he loves a wreath for any occassion and he loves a good charity shop bargain, so I can’t really go wrong to score maximum points can I?   I’ll post pictures later when it’s in situ and his reaction, especially as I’m going to put it back in the original box and suggest we tackle it together to busy ourselves during my stay!  Happy days …………


Cheryl W said...

It's beautiful! So snowy white with the little pops of red. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Wow-the wreath look fabulous. Definitely a bargain.


Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Absolutely LOVE the wreath and the added snowflakes, a fab creation and beautiful knitting.
Faith x

Seaside Karen said...

Oh it’s lovely! Your version is much nicer than the Aldi original, I’m sure Marc will absolutely LOVE it xx