Monday, 20 March 2023

Small Heart Shaped Jewelled Wreaths

Just one post this week, sorry, it's been a busy few weeks ........ coupled with a very severe dose of crafters block.  Hopefully a long weekend by the sea, in Weymouth, will inspire me for when I get back! 

Two small, jewelled wreaths given to two very special ladies on Mother’s Day.


The small MDF wreaths came as part of a pair bought online from and for just £1.50 they were a steal.


To start I painted both sides of the wreaths with a white emulsion paint, before all the fiddle fart ensued ……….


Most of the jewels came from elasticated bracelets bought from, and then broken up, along with the odd charity shop find.  The small, assorted plastic roses came from China.  I used E-7000 to glue them for a really secure and solid fix.


I put the bigger jewelled pieces on first and then built up the layers with the more flowery pieces with a few leaves scattered here and there. I then waited a couple of days for everything to set before filling in any gaps. Even looking at these pictures now I can still see a couple of places I’ve missed.


I used a staple gun to put two staples in the back of the wreaths through which I threaded a double strand of gold wire which I twisted and knotted to make a rough sort of hanger. My apologies, I’m really pants at this, they aren't all that tidy but they are strong, which they need to be as each wreath is quite heavy.


I wasn’t expecting it, but these took a lot longer and were far more fiddlier to do than the larger ones I have made, probably the size?  I also think, perhaps, the proportions of the jewellery bits suit the large hearts better?


….. but despite all that they still turned out pretty OK. Next wreath please…..


Cheryl W said...

They are beautiful and will make wonderful Mother's Day gifts.

tilly said...

2 lovely wreaths and it does make your door look posh !! lol, Tilly

Anonymous said...

They are lush