Tuesday, 28 March 2023

Small, Wooden Christmas Tree Decorations

I think you might be seeing quite a few variations of these Christmas tree decorations over the coming months ………..


……. because I got a little carried away when these wooden blanks were in The Works Christmas sale………..


I’d seen them in my local shop when a pack of 16 (small and large) was £2, but I’d ermed and ahhed, but when they were reduced to £1 a bag, what’s a crafter to do? I think in the end I bought 4 or five packs?!.  It was their 6mm thickness that really swayed me, as they can easily stand alone, making them simple to glue upright and then incorporate into scenes etc., this gives them an awful lot of potential, if only I could put my mind to it.


However, I am easing myself into Christmas (aghhhhhh) slowly, there are no great shakes with this idea.  I took ten of the larger trees, which stand 6cms tall by 4.5cms at their widest and tried to put a tiny screw eye hook in the top, I managed it, perhaps more to the side than in the middle, but the wood proved really hard to screw into.


I then coloured the trees on both sides with  green and brown Sharpie pens, followed by a couple of coats of quick dry, clear, gloss varnish to seal in the colour to prevent any rubbing off if/when stored in the future.


All that was left to do then was decorate the trees (again on both sides) with small snowflake confetti with a tiny, gold, flat dome in the middle and clusters of three dots here and there to help fill in the gaps, using a white nail pen.


All that was left to do after that was add a silver hanging thread, as I said, nothing to them at all.

I am thinking that with having so many of the trees, in time, in all their different guises, that they will probably make up the bulk of the RAK Christmas fairings it has become traditional for Iris and Bertie to leave along the school run in December ……. I just need the inspiration…….. happy days!

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Cheryl W said...

these turned out beautifully. I think metalic gold and silver trees would also be nice. Maybe a little spray paint would do the job quickly?