Saturday, 12 September 2009

Message in a Bauble.....

This is a simple idea I used a couple of Christmas's ago.
I got some clear, glass christmas baubles from Wilkinsons, (at the time they were about 33p each).
Then I found a quote that reflected what I wanted to say to my friends that Christmas:-
A good friend is hard to find, hard to lose, and impossible to forget..."
I typed and printed the words on cream card in sepia, using a handwriting font.
The next step was to very carefully tear round the message  to get a ragged, uneven edge and chalk rub the edge very lightly in brown for an aged effect. Finally I put it inside the bauble so that it could be read through the glass. A knitting needle comes in handy to position the message if you want to be precise!
The idea could be adapted in so many ways:
  • A small child's drawing for Grandparent
  • A photograph
  • A feather, ribbon, leaf,
  • Glitter - for fairy dust
  • Punchies - hearts, stars ....
  • Table/party confetti - translucent stars would look so pretty.
  • Or what about punching or cutting out individual letters (on you Robbo) that make up words like LOVE .....
If you were doing this with small children I am sure you could find safer plastic baubles, but check that the tops come off before buying them.