Sunday, 26 March 2017

Happy Mother’s Day …….. With Guest Crafter Iris Roo

Yesterday I spent the morning helping Iris put her Mother’s Day present together.
Morrisons Mothers Day PresentTom had bought a children’s DIY decorative plaque from Morrisons ……
Mothers Day Crafting 7 …… and had fully expected to having plenty of time to help Iris colour and embellish it ……
Mothers Day 2017Mothers Day 2017 a….. ………. but sadly over the past couple of days Laura has been struck down by a rather nasty tummy bug and so on Friday we all went off to the Cotswold Wildlife Park to help give mum some much needed peace, quiet and rest which was then followed by an impromptu sleepover with Nanny for Iris.
 Mothers Day Crafting aMothers Day Crafting
And, it was easier to pop it in Iris’s overnight bag, along with pyjamas, spare clothes, Elmo and Binky The Rabbit, to do with Nanny, freeing up Daddy to concentrate on Master Bertie and a poorly mummy.
MOthers Day Crafting 3I think the girl done good ……. especially as Nanny got out a few extra bits and pieces like micro glitter, which was duly executed like young Dawn Bibby!Mothers Day Crafting jxxxx Wishing everyone a wonderful Mother’s Day, hoping you all get spoilt, just a little bit xxxx