Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Finished Sharpie Chandelier

Following on from last week I have finished my Sharpie pen chandelier! I am so unbelievably chuffed you wouldn’t believe. I don’t think the pictures really do it justice but all the lovely positive comments  from my various visitors have helped reassure me that I haven’t just gone and ruined a perfectly good light fitting, even young master Bertie was totally entranced when he saw it, he thinks Nanny lives in Elsa’s castle!
sharpie chandalier.
As I said last week I have made sure I have kept all the drops I took off and replaced for those I coloured, just in case I ever go off it, so putting the light back to it’s original state would not be a problem.
sharpie pen chandalier..
I also raided my twig Christmas tree decoration box to add the now coloured pointed glass drops to the chain links plus the small square beads to make the drops on the candle holders and top fitting a little longer.  The final thrill was finding that I had a glass ball centrepiece to put the finishing touch to the bottom.  The chandelier now consists of both acrylic and vintage glass drops.  My only slight concern is whether the colours will fade over time, however it’s nothing to pull the blind down  on bright day and wait and see.
sharpie pen chandalier
I am going to live with the light now for a month or so and then may possibly consider getting some coloured chain links ….. we shall see. At the moment I have a dark Next purple, green and teal paisley design duvet set on the bed , but I also have a very bright BHS patchwork set that I am pretty sure will help give over the top bohemian look I am experimenting with a more vibrant appeal.
I have left the box of drops out because I think I will make the chandelier in my own bedroom a little fuller too, but  will definitely be leaving it clear. This also means that my twig Christmas tree will almost certainly be getting a whole new look this year, so I may also need to invest in a new pack of Sharpie pens.

I am going to add extra posts here and there as it's my favourite time of the crafty year with Halloween and Christmas fast approaching! I thought I would give you quick heads up to some of the things I have spotted and making considered purchases of.