Monday, 25 October 2010

Objects of Desire ……..

An extra post today ...... No “What’s In My Shopping Bag” this week, with Christmas coming, I really am trying to rein in my spending, especially as I really do have enough Christmas bits and pieces for this years festive crafting …. so I have turned my thoughts to my “Objects of Desire” especially after my sister sent me a link to this site when my levels of desire sky rocketed!   Click on each picture for a link .
I want desire need everything …….
glass-display-dome-with-stand-3353-p glass-cloche-huge-4269-p[ekm]133x200[ekm]
I’ve always had a long felt want  for a beautiful  display dome! birds-on-branches-fridge-magnets-4107-p 
And the bird on a branch fridge magnets are just too lovely, I’d get a fridge for my craft room to justify me having them!
……. and their jewellery is exquisite ….. the porcelain bird necklace just needs to be round my neck!
A girl has to dream …………….. !

Spiders Web Sour Cream Carton

How creepy is this idea?  My apologies to all those of you with a “thing” about spiders.
Halloween Spiders Web Sour Cream Carton 2
I’m not sure why this type of container is called sour cream carton, but I guess the idea originates from the US.
Spiders Web - Sour Cream Carton
I drew the web myself as I didn’t have any suitable printed paper.
Halloween Spiders Web Sour Cream Carton 4
The spider comes from a mixed bag of Halloween creepy creatures from Poundworld, which I have sprinkled with translucent micro glitter for an extra  magical effect, if you can have such a thing as a magical spider!