Saturday, 9 December 2017

Blast From The Past - Snowman Chocolate Bar From Christmas 2009

From this to this ………
This must truly rank as the most unnecessary embellishment of a item of all time!!!
As my sister would say, “You have far too much time on your hands!”
This is a bar of chocolate that I have wrapped round with white glitter felt (but ordinary or textured white paper would be just as good), using double sided tape to keep it in place.
The hat is ….. a finger from a child’s magic glove (the ones that look tiny but stretch as soon as you put them on). I  have cut off one finger and rolled it a little around the bottom and plonked it on the snowman’s head.  (I got the gloves from a Pound Shop – and one pair of gloves gives you 10 hats).
The scarf is just an oddment of ribbon, the eyes and buttons are black Paperchase acrylic gems and the nose is a filmo embellishment I bought a while ago but I just can’t remember where, but orange card would be just as good.
Daft idea I know, but cute!