Sunday, 29 January 2017

My Hall - Framed Insect & Reptile Brooches Display

I have always been rubbish with pictures in the house, I think I am better with displays, probably all those years of doing them in various schools over the years. So, I have had this idea for displaying my collection of insect and reptile brooches, many presents from Marc, for ages, I’ve just never had the wall space …… until now!
Framed-Insect-Brooches-_thumb6The hall in my flat is L shaped, with plenty of space for one set of six Ikea Ribba shadow frames on each branch, if that makes sense …
….. I make no apologies, since moving I have become maddening symmetrical!
Framed-Insect-Brooches-2_thumb6I used a plain, medium shade of blue card as the background for each set or single insect.  I also used E9000 glue to hold the insects in place, as some are quite heavy.
I love all the brooches, but it seems sad to have them in a box in a drawer for the majority of the time, this way I get to see them all the time. The “display” is different, not to everyone’s taste, but very me ……..
…… and I am dead chuffed that they turned out just like the picture in my head.