Sunday, 29 April 2012

Diamond Jubilee Crafts–Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate Soldier

Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisp Soldier favour
This is a Queen’s Soldier chocolate I came up with.
Chocolate Soldier favour Elizabeth Shaw Mints
Made from parts of circles using my Stampin’Up 1 3/4” circle punch …..
Elizabeth Shaw Mints
(above back view) ….. some googly eyes and gold peel off outline stickers. 
Elizabeth Shaw Mints Chocolate Soldier…. and a bit of artistic licence!

Diamond Jubilee Crafts

I hope you don’t mind but the Diamond Jubilee weekend is only but a month away and though I intended to spread my Jubilee ideas over the next few weeks, I had noticed on my “feedjit” widget that people are already searching for ideas, so I have decided to lump everything I have come up with over the next few days so that if anyone was inspired they would have plenty of time to get started, after all what’s the point in seeing a good idea two days before the event?