Monday, 20 November 2017

Guest Crafter – “Auntie Beth”

I recently spent a long weekend in Bude, staying with my “Auntie Beth”. 
Her house is a five minutes walk from the beach, and full of her seasidey craft creations that I thought I would share with you.
Beth has experimented with a few embellished, jewelled mirrors and picture frames, some of which I have featured in the past.
And while I was there she was also experimenting with decorated pebbles, decoupaging them with scraps from her completed colouring book pages and then varnishing over them.
beth stone
I understand that Hide and Seek Painted Rocks is the latest world wide craze that’s now hit the UK, in fact  I spotted a ladybird painted pebble that had been left on the beach while I was there.
The charity shops of Bude also yielded their treasures, Beth found this real porthole in one of them, it was ***** heavy but perfect for her seaside abode. I am not sure what she paid, but it was a real find, but I could see Marc taking real a fancy to it!!!!
frozen dress
My “find” was not quite so dramatic, a H & M Frozen dress for just £2  which made a certain little madam a very happy bunny!