Tuesday, 28 December 2010

My Christmas Gifts

I didn’t ask Santa for many gifts of a crafty nature this year, because I have so much stuff it’s untrue, but there has been a bit of kit that I have desired greatly from the minute I knew it existed, a Stampin Up, Bigshot Matchbox Die.  I don’t know how he did it, and I love him to bits for doing it, because my lovely son managed to find one for me!!!!  How brilliant is that?
Stampin Up Matchbox Die  
My first fleeting fiddle with it (for the purposes of this blog) was on 27th December, in a bit of a hurry and I have to admit that neat folding isn’t one of my greatest talents …. but my second attempt didn’t turn out too badly. I can’t get into my craft room at the moment, but as soon as I can I have so many ideas on how to use it, including an Advent Calendar!!!!!
Stampin Up Matchbox 1
I’ve also wanted this stamp for a while, from Lili of the Valley,  as I work in a girl's’ school, it’s just perfect for a few ideas I have ….
Picture 969
And now for a couple of non crafty gifts …….  this is the most fantastic present, another of my objects of desire for years, a crystal ball – not sure if I’ll be able to see the future in it …… but it’s beautiful.
Crystal Ball
As is my sandglass pendant and necklace ……
Sandglass Pendant and Necklace
I am such a lucky girl lady!!!!!
Picture 971
My mum gave me this Peanuts book,  the pictures and words are so lovely and very true.
Picture 973
I am hoping that I can use it as a source of inspiration for my family Christmas cards next year – so I expect you’ll see it again sometime in the future.

And finally, a lovely bit of fun from my husband ....... a technicolour shower head to make the drudgery of my morning shower before I go to work a "Disco Experience"

My Jar of Holey Wish Stones

Picture 983
Whenever I go to the sea I spend hours looking for holey “wish stones”.  They say that a stone with a hole going through it has mystical powers ….. I have one with me all the time.  I also put one on a red thread and give them to very special people who understand what I am wuffing on about.  I think its all part of me wanting to be a mermaid in my next life …….!

My Glasses

My eyesight is pretty rubbish, I wear quite strong contact lenses but still need a pair of readers on top of them for when I craft, read, use the computer etc.
My glasses
I have quite a collection, mainly because I panic if I don’t have at least three pairs in my bag, and I am always loosing them, as I tend to wear them on top of my head and they fall off without me noticing.   I can’t walk past a rack without having a look and Poundland has had some brilliant multicoloured stripy ones in recently.
Dame Edna
My very, very favourite ones were from Liverpool about two years ago …. I had several pairs, they were leopard and tiger print with diamantes on the nose and arms, they were gorgeous …….. they weren’t very strong and so didn’t last long, but I loved them so much, I was like a crafting Dame Edna in them!