Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Christmas Finds 2018

Not a lot of considered purchases to report shopping wise this year, sad to say that one of the few things that I miss about Wolverhampton is the larger versions of a  poundshop for those odd little treasures. I am heading there in the next few days so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I find something above and beyond!
All the Worcester Poundland had to offer were these reindeer …… I just thought they looked a little Scandanavian in style, I also liked the metallic finish that is a bit different from all the glittery stags of the past few years. When  I found them there weren’t very many but I still stood and deliberated for far too long as to whether I should by two of each colour as I like things to be equal or symmetrical  ……. in the end I just went for the four, thinking that £6 (???????? you what?) was too much to spend on six items that were for all intents and purposes the same and reindeer overkill!  I was naturally wrong and as per usual when I returned a couple of weeks later they were no longer there!  How many times do I need to learn this lesson?
IMG_6009And the only two other things to tempt me, were a couple of  rolls of loo paper and a Poundland mug, well,  the mug was just made for me! The loo roll was probably the most expensive loo roll I have ever bought sheet for sheet, it was not an very ample supply for £1 ……. however a perfect present to add to the family tut sack on Boxing Day and one for Marc as befitting his bathroom at the Worcester country pile!!!!