Sunday, 25 March 2012

Park Your Yarn–Wolverhampton

Yesterday I went to one of the Park Your Yarn events that have been going on in Wolverhampton over the past month (and which come to an end on 5th April). I am quite shy and quiet in new company and was relieved to be able to just slip in unobtrusively under the canopy, popping the knitted strips I had already completed on the table and sit down to knit in the glorious sunshine, listening to the others as they either taught or learnt how to knit and crochet
010Park Your Yarn
After a while a lovely lady called Mandy sat beside me and “recognised “ me from this blog ….. it felt so weird and I was a little embarrassed, but it broke the ice. She even remembered the old pictures of me in what I used to affectionately call my shopping lifting coat and handbag!!!!!
Park Your Yarn.
Then, Mandy offered to show me how to crochet, something I have never attempted before.  All I can say is she is a VERY patient teacher ….. I admit that I am a very slow learner and just couldn’t get my head (or fingers) around holding the yarn, ….. so we didn’t progress further than making a chain BUT something did sink in because when I got home I was still able to add some more links to my chain!!!!! So I will keep on practising chains as Mandy advised  and then when I am confident I will get my daughter Lucy to show me the next step., so perhaps in a little while I will  be able to make a square.
003 Park Your Yarn
Mandy also knew all about the Monkeys, so even more ice was broken as we both took lots of pictures of them getting stuck into the crocheting too, although they hardly took their eyes off the custard creams!!
009Park Your Yarn
I bought home a couple more balls of wool.  I was sort of tempted to use some of my own, but thank goodness I didn’t because the installation is only going to be in pinks/white and creams, so my efforts would have been wasted.  I can’t wait until it is completed to see where my strips will end up!
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xxx THANK YOU MANDY for making my afternoon so enjoyable xxx