Friday, 13 July 2012

Pebble Heart Canvases

Pebble HeartDuring my mahoooosive craftroom clear out last Sunday/Monday I found a tin of  small pebbles that I had collected on the Dukes and my summer holiday in Brixham last year …..
Pebble Heart Canvas.I also found the packs of two  5” x 5” canvases (£1.99) that my sister bought in bulk for me last year, as canvas squares of this size are quite hard to find …… I then decided it was about time that I did what I had originally intended to do with them all…….
Pebble Heart CanvasI made a template heart and drew round it as lightly as I could with pencil.  Then I went over the pencil mark with a line of strong PVA glue, placing the small pebbles on top.  I didn’t plan the placing of the pebbles …. I just went with the flow.  ….. I have a few more to make …. and then intend to give them, instead of a Christmas card, to some of the special people in my life who have helped me in the past few weeks.
heart Stone 1_thumb[3]
And … do you remember this photo I took when we were on our Sun £9.50 holiday in Dawlish Warren at Easter and I noticed a heart shaped pebble just at the edge of the groin … ?????
Heart of Stone Canvas
Well,  I found that too and I have made a canvas of my own!