Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Beer Mat/Coaster Calendar

Beer Mat Coaster Calendar 10
I hope I am not teaching my granny to suck eggs, but I have put a tutorial together for making a calendar using a beer mat.  I know when I first started crafting and didn’t have much of a clue, I would have loved something like this to follow.
You will need a beer mat, a covering paper, a couple of magnets/magnet strip, a calendar tab, mini bulldog clips (not essential, but look cute), glue, and some embellishments like stickers and oddments of ribbon.
Beer Mat Coaster Calendar 3
First, cover both sides of the beer mat, any thickish paper paper will do.  I have used DCWV self adhesive paper.  But because it is self adhesive it’s quick and I don’t have to use any glue.
Beer Mat Coaster Calendar 4 Beer Mat Coaster Calendar 5
Take your calendar tab (Anita’s do packs of 6 for 99p from most craft shops at this time of year) and make a little backing for it, to add a bit of colour, glue together and trim to fit covered beer mat.
Beer Mat Coaster Calendar 6 Beer Mat Coaster Calendar 7
I have decided not to glue my backed calendar tab down, but hold it together with mini bulldogs clips (these were from e-bay, but are  available in most craft and stationary shops and they don’t cost a lot for a pack).  By not sticking it down I can use the base again next year if I want.
Beer Mat Coaster Calendar
Turn the mat over and stick on the magnets, I’ve used magnetic strip from HobbyCraft, they also sell A4 sheets of magnetic foam and packs of small magnets, all are equally suitable.  Use a strong glue to fix them with.
Beer mat Coaster Calendar 1
Next is all the lovely twiddly fiddly stuff.  I’ve used a scrap of Anita’s self adhesive ribbon  (99p a pack from craft shops, in lots of different designs)  along the bottom and some butterfly stickers (a bargain 60p at pack from an indoor market) and some flat backed gems. 
 Beer Mat Coaster Calendar 98
As a finishing touch I have done faux stitching round the edges with a black gel pen.
Beer Mat Coaster Calendar 9
Simples! I’ll be making quite a few of these as stocking fillers.