Friday, 11 March 2011

A Touch of Embroidery

My embroidered badges never really took of when I made them.  I used my Bandai Badge It and scoured car boots and charity shops for old embroidered tray/table cloths to cut up and use for them.  But now I have noticed that Primark are selling fabric earrings and Assessorize put various badges on their some of their bags, so perhaps I am a bit ahead of the trend!!!!
Embroidered Badge
I passed a lot to follower Marc who is doing very lovely things with them, so I am hoping he will send me a picture for the gallery very soon.
Picture 719
I did  keep one or two back and  decided to revisit them,  taking the pins off the back and using the body as an embellishment on a card, adding some flat backed gems.  I am quite pleased with the result and will probably now make a few more, especially with Mother’s Day in mind.