Saturday, 22 April 2017

Popsicle Stick Ballerina

This is not my original idea, I found it and then pinned it on my Inspiration Board on Pinterest 
Popsickle Stick Ballerina 4Iris loves watching ballet dancing, funny thing and so when I saw this idea for a little Popsicle stick ballerina on Pinterest I knew I had to make her one. The body of the ballerina is made from a plain lolly stick.
Popsickle Stick BallerinaThe hair was a bit fiddly to get to cover up the end of the stick, but I finally got there.  I glued down the end strands at the back with PVA glue, as it dries clear and tends to hold fast.
I then drew on the face, top and shoes with a pink Sharpie pen and black fine liner pen. 
The skirt is made from three pink cake cases, one on top of each other and folded in half.  I made a small slit in the centre of the fold  with a craft knife, to push the stick through.  I then added a little blob of glue to the stick and each layer to help keep them in place.
Popsickle Stick Ballerina 1I then wondered about adding arms to add movement when Iris twirled the ballerina, this was not part of the original idea I found.  I found some wooden beads and knotted them at each end of a short piece of wool (left over from the hair) and glued it down at the back with PVA glue.
Popsickle Stick Ballerina 2I then got all anal ……  deciding to glue a small scrap of card, coloured the same as the dress top, on the back, to hide the wool, but which also secured it a little more from coming off.
The finishing touches were a flat back flower gem on the ballerina’s hair and tiny gems on her d├ęcolletage and slippers. I could gone totally overboard by adding more gems to her dress, but decided to stop there, to gauge madams reaction first.
But,  I am now thinking …….. Christmas fairies, made in the same way but using white cake cases instead, with silver wings, and a lot more bling?