Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Jingle Bell Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bells Christmas Friendship Bracelets
I thought this was an original idea until I went on Google and found someone had beaten me too it!  Ho, Ho, Ho!.
 Jingle Bell Friendship bracelet
I’ve used really small bells from Papercellar (99p per packet, available in red and green), silver spacer beads that I had already and 0.5mm waxed thread. When the beads and bell were threaded I tied a single knot on each side to stop them from moving.
Papercellar green and red bells
I’ve also made them a little card to give them a more professional look and then slipped that into a cello bag.  I thought they would make a cheap and easy present for children to make for their friends or something to pop in a homemade cracker or Advent Calendar etc.
 Jingle Bell Friendship Bracelet 1
This  set will go into my Many Pocketed Advent Calendar.