Monday, 22 August 2011

Tivoli Whirl – Ruffled Scarf

My apologies as my pictures just do not pick up the bright vibrant rainbow colours of this yarn.
 Tivoli Whirl Bright Rainbow Mix
I’ve been knitting again!  The shop I go to in Wolverhampton always has such interesting bits of knitting by the till, it must be a cunning selling ploy, because curiosity always gets the better of me …. I ask what it is and how it knits up… and before I know it another ball of wool has found it’s way into my bag!
Bright Rainbow Tivoli Whirl Ruffle Scarf
Anyway, this scarf is made using one ball of Tivoli Whirl, it cost me just under £5 and it is enough to make one scarf.  The shade I have used is called Bright Rainbow Shade 962 and took me about 3 hours to knit on 8mm needles and 9 stitches. You knit it in the same way as Rico Loopy yarn and demos can be found on YouTube.
Tivoli Whirl