Friday, 17 February 2012

Easter Eggs Akimbo!

I don’t buy many Easter eggs but it is worth having a look in Tesco at the moment as they have eggs at really good prices, i.e three small Milky Bar ones for £3,  others at half price at £1.25, all “proper” brands.  The offers end on 26th February … so I am going to stock up on a few …. oh small Lindt bunnies 3 for £1 too.

My Little Compendium Of Curiosities

Remember the box that my wooden hearts came in?  Well, I couldn’t resist fiddle farting with it …… and had soooooo much fun!
What not curiosity box
The box measures 4ins x 4ins and each compartment measures 1.25ins x 1.25ins. 
little what not shelves
I lined each one with a small scrap from my Papermania Portobello Road paper pad and then the excitement of finding tiny treasures to fill them began.
little box of curiosities
I wanted to make it as 3D as possible, so some of the bits are stuck on several layers of foam pads, like the birdcage, boat and gingerbread man.
what not box
I love the sweet jars best, followed by the fish bowl, again on foam pads so it stands proud of the home sweet home sign.
Tiny shelves of curiosity
I am not sure if you can buy boxes like this on their own, because if they did I would buy them buy the crate …. as making something like this is my idea of crafting heaven!
If you know where I could get some more, without buying a whole pile of embellishments PLEASE let me know, I have lots more little bits I am desperate to house.