Sunday, 8 January 2017

Sticky Beaking Marc’s Country Lean Too

When I am not wandering round Marc and Rick’s country garden when I go to stay with them in Worcester, I can be found mooching in, what they call the ‘lean-to’.
IMG_9767Every time I go there always seems to be something new to look at that, but which they swear has always been there but I haven’t noticed it.
IMG_9768Again, everything seems to look just right, if I tried to get the same effect it would look all over thought and contrived.
IMG_9769I am awful, as I also have to touch everything!
IMG_9770And …….. one thing I just couldn’t keep my hands off recently was the humungous green vase (below), in the end I think Marc felt compelled to let me take it home as I had stroked and admired it soooooooooooo much. If I had seen it in a shop I would have bought it there and then, but Marc found it on a stall at one of the many village fetes he goes to in the summer, and it cost him just 60p!!! OMG. OMG, OMG!
Very Large Green MId Century VaseVery Large Green Vase
I have the perfect place for it, in my guest room, hopefully, it will be in situ by next Thursday, after my carpenter man has been to put up all my compartment shelving …….. it’s been a long time coming, you have to wait for a craftsman, but hopefully next week I can share it’s progress with you  ………..