Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Fish Bowl Christmas Tree Baubles

I have wanted to try this idea ever since I saw it on Pinterest, I had the clear glass baubles but couldn’t find any pliable, plastic fish that would fit easily inside them ……….. until I was in Hammersmith, with Marc, in about March, when we found the perfect ones in Tiger (I think they were £1 for a pack of 10). But it then took me until mid November to actually start making them in just in time for this Christmas.
The baubles were a bargain sale find in Dunelm a couple of Christmas’s ago, they were reduced from £4.99 to £1 for a box of three.  They looked hideous as they had horrid strips of dull tartan card inside, but I reckoned that I could easily hook the card out ….. which I did.  So each bauble cost me about 33p.
I first took the bauble and poured in a mix of small, glass seed beads into the bottom.  I then threaded invisible thread through the top fin of the fish and delicately glue gunned the end to the outside of the bauble top, this was quite fiddly and often took a couple of gos, but I got better at it as I went on. The bauble I first saw on Pinterest had one fish in it, but I wanted to try using two.  Again, it was a fiddly as I wanted to get the fish at slightly different levels and I didn’t want them to touch, but through trial and error I think I got them pretty balanced.
The metal top, when refitted, covered up any glue or thread that needed to be left there.In all, I reckon that each bauble cost no more than 50p to make and I think I could, if I wanted to, sell them for an awful lot more, but these are destined to be given as presents, if I can actually let any go, as I love them so much! 
IMG_6727I also made this version, using a plastic spice jar, for Iris, as she loves fish, making sure that the lid was very solidly glued on of course.

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This!!!!

Welcome to my boudoir!!!!!  This is what my daughter Lucy bought me to start the festive season with ….. a king size Christmas duvet set, I JUST LOVE IT, it’s  something I have wanted for such a long time!!!I forget to take a picture of Lucy’s bed, a king sized red and white Nordic affair, well, that’s not quite the truth ……. I did take quite a few, but they also included three monkeys posing outrageously!!!
This is probably our last December/Christmas at this house, with my move to Evesham and Lucy hopefully buying her own house in the New Year too, (fingers tightly crossed) …… so we are really are going to make the most of it …… including Frozen paper chains!!!!!