Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Years Resolutions ….. ???

Happy New Year DoodleI spent yesterday, the last day of 2012, cleaning and tidying upstairs (in preparation for my decorators) with a thick beauty mask on my face and my hair stewing under my Primark turban …. ready for an evening out at my favourite Indian restaurant.
2013I’m not sure about making any resolutions  ….. on a personal level I just want 2013 to be a “good, kind, gentle and safe” year for me,  and  my family and special friends,  I think that’s ALL I can/should wish for……
…. 2013 brings so much to look forward to, what with my trip of a lifetime to Las Vegas with Lucy and then Tom and Laura’s wedding …. so, if resolutions are to be made, the main one should be to lose weight, because I shall be wanting some mega gorrrrrrrgeous outfits  ….. but,  Lucy and I have already set that ball in motion by joining Weightwatchers ahead of the New Year scramble in October …. we are doing really well and are supporting each other,  so all I can say is look out shops in June/July ….. because by then we will both be a size 12 and ready to shop till we drop!
£7.50 Virgin Train TicketI have learnt from last year that you should live for each day and never put off anything that you can possibly find the time to squeeze in today …. so on Sunday I booked two bargain £7.50 tickets to and from London, so that I can spend a few more days with Marc in a month or so’s time …. and I promise that if we make anything,  I will take plenty of photographs to put a few tutorials/post together. I don’t know where I would be without Marc’s encouragement and it’s thanks to him that this blog is still going, all be it for just a couple of times a week, but I know that if I stopped completely he would never, ever forgive me!
Wedding Doodle
As for fiddle farting …… Tom and Laura’s impending wedding has given me lots to keep busy, the wedding invitations are almost sorted, (as you will see later this week) … so blog wise … there will be plenty of wedding stuff, from the invitations, place cards, bunting, Elizabeth Shaw mints, sweetie bag favours …. to name but a few!! In the coming months Wednesday nights will be crafting night chez moi, with all hands to the pump, as I want to share the joy of making the “bits” Tom and Laura’s with as many family members as want to be involved …..
As I have already recently featured,  I want to “doodle” a lot more too, sharing the end results in the form of free downloads …. hopefully, in time,  changing the style of my cards quite a lot, still using some of the thousands of embellishments I have,  but pared down and very  less is more.
doodled flowersI don’t know what offers I might receive with regards to reviews etc.  in 2013, I turned quite a few down in 2012, some I now regret,  but at the time I didn’t think I could do them justice, but I really am looking forward to working with WholePort, unfortunately,  their first parcel to me (sent in early November) found its way to Customs Control …… goodness knows what they thought it contained as I only asked for an assortment of decorative tapes! I am hoping that when I get back to work it will have arrived ….. I am also hoping to renew my relationship with Dunelm Mill, which also fell sadly by the wayside a bit.
Anyway, let’s just see how it all pans out ….. wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!