Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Decorated Peg Fridge Magnet Tutorial

I made a lot of the peg fridge magnets  a couple of Christmas’s ago, but someone who wasn’t a crafter asked me how to make them, so I thought I would do a little tutorial on them.
pegs pva 
You’ll need some Poundshop pegs (usually in packs of 100) and some PVA glue.
Anitas Self Adhesive RibbonMagnets
Some ribbon, for ease I’ve used Anita’s self adhesive ribbon (99p per pack – with careful cutting you should be able to cover 24 pegs with one packet) and some magnets (available from HobbyCraft either in small packs, a foam sheet or self adhesive tape).
Plus anything you like to decorate the pegs with, I’ve used wooden beads from a 99p wooden bead set from Home Bargains.
Picture 005
Cut the ribbon to size and stick down on the peg.
Picture 006
Glue the magnets on the open end of the peg.
Picture 008
When the magnets are dry, turn the peg over and decorate the reverse side (directly over the magnet)
Picture 012
I’ve added a few wibbly wobbly eyes and some flat backed gems as an extra fiddle fart>
Picture 014 Picture 015