Monday, 19 June 2017

Lace Glass Slide Christmas Tree Decorations

I am still experimenting with glass slide Christmas tree decorations. For these I used Inkssentials 2in X 2in Clear Memory Glass Slides. 
Glass Slide Christmas Tree Decorations 6I had a few left over from many moons ago but didn’t think I would be able to get any more, however, after a bit of a search and a wait, I finally got two more boxes from Country View Crafts, but I have still to find any of the smaller 1.5 x 1.5in slides, I have a feeling that trying to find them may be a fools errand.
downloadLace microscope frames
I bought a selection of wide lace for about 89p a bundle and experimented with which would look best in the square slides, cutting it to size and sandwiching it between two slides with a sprinkling of iridescent micro glitter.
lace microscope slide tree decorations I used 40mm adhesive, silver metal foil tape to seal and go round the edges of the glass squares.
microscope slide memory glass lace tree decorations
Then I attached a silver bail to the top of the square using E6000 glue for a strong, secure bond, leaving it to set for 24 hours plus. With careful twiddling with a needle it was possible to remove any excess glue.
memory glass microscope slide tree decorations lace I tried to use part of a Tonic Studios script rub on each slide (as featured yesterday) ……
GLass Slide Christmas Tree Decorations…… but alas despite applying an awful lot of pressure, they just would not adhere to the glass, but not to be beaten, I simply cut a section of the rub on out and glued it onto the glass instead with Ranger Glossy Accents, as I knew it would dry clear.
I used E6000 again to glue on silver filigree wrap connectors (ordered from eBay/China) on the bottom of each slide.
I cut through the centre divider at the bottom of each connector so that I could add a bead allowing it to hang exactly in the middle.
IMG_2539I then added a few tiny blue and clear flat backed gems here and there on the galss.  When the E6000 on the connectors had set I bent the edges round the edge of the slides for a neater look.
Glass Slide Christmas Tree Decoration 1I am really chuffed with how these have turned out, they just need a narrow white or possibly blue ribbon to hang them from.  I still have plenty more slide ideas I want to experiment with,  I just hope you don’t get bored of them!