Friday, 12 September 2014

Paisley and Pearl Christmas Tree Decorations/Tags

Another idea today for using the tin hearts I bought in Primark (£1.50 for a cluster of three), and again using black as a main colour.
Paisley heart christmas decorationsI remembered, from the dim and distant past some Papermania Signature, paisley patterned, vinyl stickers I’ve had for years and wondered if they would work on the hearts, and after a long winded search through several boxes of bits found that they did! Result!
Papermania Vinylsself adhesive flat back pearls
After arranging and sticking the stickers on the heart and trimming away any excess from around the edges I then remembered a packet of flat backed, pearl patterned strips that Dianne in Florida sent me from Michaels and wondered if they would work too ……. and again, I think they did!
Paisley and Pearl Heart Christmas Tree Decorations. Christmas Tree Tag, Primark HomeI then added a few tiny clear gems here and there, but that was just over egging the pudding, and they were swiftly removed!
Primark hearts. paisley and pearl heart christmas tree decorations. Christmas tagI think they could just be hung straight on a Christmas tree or perhaps used as very fancy Christmas tag as seems to be the trend for “designer” gift wrapping.