Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Greek Treasures

I have just got back from our annual Greek Odyssey, again to Crete, as we loved it so much last year,  but this time we stayed in Georgioupolis between Rethymno and Chania.  As per usual we went on couple of trips and as such had a couple of new experiences, both in Rethymno.
We found an antique/second hand shop in a back street, I was in second heaven, although I have to confess, no considered purchases were made!

Naturally the first thing I oohed and ahhhed over were the light fittings, having a huge thing about chandeliers and over the top type lights.
There was such a weird mixture of stuff, some classy and some downright tat ............
...... and it was amongst the tat where I was most tempted. You may just be able to pick out a Christmas house on the back row of the top shelf (above), it was so kitsch and I think there was some age to it as it had the sort of metallic finish that reminded me of childhood Christmas's, I wish I had got a better picture of it. However, I was too frightened to ask how much it was and I really, really regret it now ..... it would have been such a perfect holiday souvenir, something that would have come out year after year, with the memories that went with it, I can be such a ninny at times!
We also found a craft shop ........  lots of mdf wooden embellishments, but really nothing I can't get here, plus ribbons, buttons, lots of silk flowers and lots and lots of findings for making jewellery, but again I didn't get my holiday money out.
I thought Marc would have loved these purses made from old fashioned flowery swimming hats, but thinking about it again, I think he would prefer to model/wear one rather than put "his bits" in one!!!!!
And last, but not least, something I searched everywhere for after I spotted it, but to no avail, a little shrine for holy water that was in the foyer of our hotel ..........
........ every time we went past it poor Lu had to listen to me going on and on about how much I wanted it ...... oh well, perhaps a challenge for next years Greek Odyssey?