Monday, 17 December 2012

Fame At Last …… And My Favourite Festive Bargain!

MarmiteOxfordStreetOh my life …. I didn’t expect this …. I was really trying to get the Monkeys faces up in lights in Oxford Street via Marmite,  as it would have caused a festive flurry of robust excitement for chez nous ….. but all the pictures I uploaded of them on Facebook were rejected, so I thought I would see if my picture would be acceptable …… and so that’s how my little chubby cheeks got their moment of fame!!! Sooooo funny!   Why not have a go yourself:-
I haven’t done much shopping this year and to be honest anything of a crafty type nature in my favourite Poundshop hunting grounds has been pretty much the same as last year (and the year before!) so there is very little that I haven’t seen or used before ….. but this are my favourite purchase of this year, to be put away for next year …… because all my presents were wrapped up ages ago …..
Poundland felt gift bag envelope bag
..... this little bag measures 8.25ins across by 6ins,and is gusseted and embroidered ….. I have seen similar ones in very expensive shops …. take away the tag, perhaps add a few small sparkly gems and no one would know it had only cost £1, bargaintastic!! 
Velcro bag fastening Poundland