Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Christmas Carrot Decorations

Carrot tree decorations????  Well, I suppose it was Aldi's Kevin The Carrot that was probably the inspiration for this silly idea!
There is a charity shop on the corner as I come home in the evenings that occasionally leaves a box of unsold bits and pieces outside ...... and well, it would be rude not to have a little mooch, and it was after one said mooch I found these two plastic carrots most probably from a food play set left abandoned and unloved........
I immediately thought of Bertie and how, when he was a baby used to sleep cuddled up to a giant Ikea soft toy carrot (?????) and decided then and there that I needed to rescue them to hopefully give them a completely new life as Christmas tree decorations, one each for Iris and Bertie to go into the bag of tree decorations I make them each year.
The first thing I did was drill a hole in the top of each carrot (using my model makers drill) in order  to fit a screw eye hook to hang them by.  I coloured the top with a red Sharpie pen to create a Santa hat, adding 3D snow effect and a little iridescent micro glitter for extra sparkle to make a fur trim and bobble.   
I decorated the hats with a punched holly leaf and three, red, flat backed red pearls.
The face was next using googly eyes and a black Sharpie pen smile, followed then by arms and hands.  

Close up photos take no prisoners, so before these two are wrapped in tissue I need to give them a quick brush down to remove all the surplus glitter. I know it's a really daft idea but who says carrots are only meant for the festive dinner table, especially ones that  were originally destined to end up for all eternity somewhere under a landfill site.  Happy days!