Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Marc and Rick's Moss Gardens

While I was staying at Marc and Rick's for our annual Eurovision Weeekend at their Worcester cottage they were busy gathering moss ........ 

........ starting off a series miniature moss gardens for around the patio area and garden.

We'd also been car booting where Marc had managed to find a few farm and wild  animals, some plastic and a few lead which were in perfect proportion amongst the moss and gravel.

There has been a lot about creating fairy gardens on the Poundland Appreciation Facebook page, using items found in Poundland,  recently but this idea appeals much more to me.
As we are now on the cusp of the school summer holidays I am looking for small animals and interesting dishes and/or pots in the local charity shops to make a few with Iris and Bertie, I think they will really love creating something special of their own for their own garden.