Thursday, 4 May 2017

Large Frankenstein Halloween Fridge Magnet

This is not my original idea, I found it on Pinterest….. and then pinned it to my Inspiration Board. In my using of the idea I have made a couple of small changes.
Halloween crafts Frankenstein Popsicle Fridge MagnetI took six green pre coloured lollypop sticks (The Works, for a mixed pack costing £1). I glued them with a “Tacky” PVA glue, onto a scrap of white card, which acted as a base.
1 popsickle FrankOnce the glue had set I drew on the hair, nose, eyebrows and mouth using a black Sharpie pen.
Popsickle Stick Halloween FrankenstienPop Frank
I was a bit confused as to where Frankenstein has his bolts, on his temples or through his neck, in the end I chose the later, cutting them from mirror card, to secure them, then I decided to go the whole hog of fiddle fart and covered the white card with silver and then secured the bolts with the same.  It just just looks neater.  I also added a piece of self adhesive magnet tape, so it could be put on a fridge etc..
Pocpsickle Stick Frankenstien 1Popsickle Stick Halloween Frankenstien 3
I used two sizes of googly eyes for extra comic effect and then threw caution to the wind by accentuating Frankenstein's hair and facial features with Ranger Glossy Accents, it really worked well, especially on his hair.
Frankenstien Fridge Magnet 1Next ….. I think I will make a pumpkin face using the same basic idea, perhaps to use as a coaster.