Tuesday, 2 April 2013

I Don’t Think Van Gogh Need Worry ……

Taaaaa dahhhhhh …….
Floral Canvas Fiddle FartOh my life …… last time your saw my “first ever” painting since I was about 14 at secondary school,  it looked like this (below)  ……. and then I wondered what the hell I had started!
my first painting_thumb[7]When I asked Tom for a large canvas for Christmas  I imagined he would get me something measuring about 3ft x 2ft, not 4ft 9ins x 3ft 2ins!!!!
Fiddle fartIts All Fiddlefart
However, with two weeks of Easter holiday in front of me, I decided that,  after staring at what I started back in February for long enough,  ….. it was about time I tackled it some more …. although I am sure “tackled” is not a very artistic or creative term …..
It's All Fiddle Fart.fiddle Fart painted floral canvas
…. I also decided to take photos along the way of my progress,  for the purposes of prosperity!
Its All fiddle fartI admit that I was a very random in the way I “tackled” it …. flitting about all over the shop with the paint and then outlining and filling in the gaps with a black marker pen as the mood took me, hoping that I was on track with what I had in my head,  although to be honest that was pretty random too!
Fiddle Fart.floral Canvas
It was filling in the last few little gaps that seemed to take an age …. and seeing bits I hadn’t outlined or needed just to add an extra flourish or curl  to  ……
Fiddle FartI was also mindful that I only had two sets of very small pots of Reeves acrylic paint to do it with, and didn’t want to “almost” finish it and then need to order another set … but having said that …….
Reeves Acrylic paint set 18 colours…… I can’t believe how far the paint actually went with very little watering down, especially as I didn’t use any of the duller colours like the browns, beiges and mustards.
My first ever canvasSo there you have it, all done and dusted and now hanging on my dining room wall ready as a conversation piece for when I appear on Come Dine With Me!  Would I do it again ….. ask me this time next year ….. I think I went about the project as a “crafter” rather than an “artiste” if that makes sense ….. and am not really sure if I felt the “ebb and the flow”!!!!!!!!!!!!!