Thursday, 23 March 2017

Easter Card Maker Of The Year …… Mia!

I give up ……. I popped into Moo Moos (Port Street, Evesham) for a cheeky takeaway coffee on my way to pick Madam up from nursery when I spied a basket of handcrafted Easter cards on the counter, well, it would be rude not to size up the competition, wouldn’t it?  I know when I am beaten, they were absolutely brilliant, it would be pointless to even try to compete against such a master!
They were made by Mia, the adorable daughter of Josi, who owns Moo Moos.
miaIt was hard to choose which I one I liked best …….. but in the end I bought the “Easter Bird In Flight” one for Bertie and Iris.
Easter CardsWhat can I say ……
…… my crafty card career in Evesham has ground to a halt before I have even started!
IMG_1803I think I will just stick to making the sweetie bags that I have on the opposite side of the counter!
IMG_1802Well done Little Moo!