Saturday, 11 January 2014

My Las Vegas Diary/Scrapbook

Las Vegas ScrapbookVEGAS SCRAPBOOK
I can’t believe how time has flown, last year seemed to go in an absolute  flash, I didn’t seem to have a minute, there was The Rolling Stones concert, our trip to Las Vegas ….. and then came the Wedding of the Year, trips to London, Lucy’s graduation etc. etc.  ….. and then Christmas ….. agh!!!!
Vegas scrapbook 001Vegas scrapbook 002
So over the next few months I am going to attempt to try a catch up, hoping that I will not overtaken by even more exciting events   …. because I have a enough pictures of all the gorgeous “objects of desire” that I am desperate to show you that I had to leave behind in Vegas, either because they were wayyyyyyyy too expensive or because they wouldn’t fit in my case, for a couple or three posts …….
Vegas scrapbook 003Vegas scrapbook 004
…… I also want to share, starting today, my Las Vegas diary/come scrapbook which I diligently wrote and stuck into at the end of every day when we got back to our room, no matter how exhausted and overwhelmingly hot I was …..
Vegas scrapbook 006Vegas scrapbook 007
I wanted to “create” something that was of the moment, nothing fancy, just a record of what we had done each day and our feelings, plus the odd bit of doodling and souvenirs that I had picked up as we went around.
Vegas scrapbook 008Vegas scrapbook 009
I couldn’t rely on photos because those would have to wait till we got home ….. although I did leave a few small spaces for poignant events.
Vegas scrapbook 011Vegas scrapbook 013
So …… here are the first few pages, with more to come in the coming months, to help fill a few otherwise empty posts.  I hope you will enjoy them and not get too bored!!!!
Vegas scrapbook 014Vegas scrapbook 017