Monday, 5 August 2019

Simple Striped Birthday Card

This card measures approximately 7ins x 5ins and is made using a hand cut linen effect card blank.
This card was made for my nephew, however, it was put together with undue haste because, as per usual, I had left things to the very last minute, so no excuses, no great fiddle farty skills were used in it's construction!
I simply cut 1.5cm stripes using paper from a Works origami paper stack which I stuck in a random fashion down the centre of the card.  I then added the blue, glittered sentiment, again in a higgedly piggedly random type way because it was an awful less time consuming than trying to get the letters perfectly level and spaced out. The self adhesive alphabet pack came from B M Bargains.

If I were to repeat this card again I would almost certainly add a scattering of differing sized silver stars for a little extra bling and help fill in a more of the "empty" space ........
........ I was just in such a rush I'd already stuck down the envelope before I thought about it!  Bum!