Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas Wouldn’t Be Christmas …….

Christmas Wouldn’t Be Christmas without embellishing a few Elizabeth Shaw Mints, using my trusty old Stampin Up punches.
IMG_7070I found the cheapest place for the dark chocolate mints this year was Iceland where they were selling two boxes for £4.  Finding the milk chocolate variety is harder but I managed to I find some in Home Bargains for (I think) £2.50 a box.
IMG_7071Making the mints was also an excellent opportunity for a bit more stash busting, as I managed to use up a couple of packs of snowman stickers that I have had for a couple of years, which, I think, came from either  Poundland or Poundworld.  Finding nice Christmas stickers (like Halloween) for this sort of project in discount/poundshops seems to be getting harder and harder, where once upon a time I was spoilt for choice  …… this year I have found only a couple of packs, and to be honest they were pants!!!!!!  As I have always said if you like something, it’s worth considering buying more than you need for one Christmas, because more often than not you will not see them again.
I have decorated both sides of the mints and then popped four mints in a pretzel bag, adding some of the leftover snowflake stickers also from the packs on the outside and finally tying up with a narrow red gingham ribbon.