Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Christmas Scene in A Stemmed Jar

I found this stemmed jar in Home Bargains last week (£1.29). There were only two, and I knew that it was highly unlikely that I would see them again, so I bought it, and then immediately regretted not buying both when I got home, typical!
Home Bargains Stemmed JarChristmas Scene in Stemmed Jar
I knew straight away what I was going to do with it, the red and white gingham screw top screamed Christmas. …… so, I put a layer of flour on the bottom to “make” the snow and then add a couple of bristle Christmas trees (from The Works) and a resin snowman (pack of two from Hobbycraft) ….. et voila! To make the snow extra twinkly I could have added a sprinkling of translucent micro glitter on top and a red ribbon round the bottom of the screw top could also have add an extra dimension.
Snowman Scene in Stemmed Jar.I love the idea of using jars as decorations, Christmas, Easter and Halloween immediately spring to mind, it’s finding the little things to put in them that takes the time, which is why my eyes are always peeled for something suitable when out mooching.
If you can’t find stemmed jars like this, you can always glue a glass candle stick, easily found in a charity shop, on the bottom using E6000 glue. Tops could be painted to match a theme, I.e green, purple, orange for Halloween, pastels for Easter, but I can see that this wouldn’t be too economical if crafting on a budget, so silver and gold would be best, perhaps “tarted up” with a ribbon.  
I have seen a couple of ideas on Pinterest for Easter, I just need to find the bits.