Friday, 7 November 2014

Shopping With The Duchess …..

Well…… at last the Christmas fiddly farty bits and pieces are finally finding their way to the shelves  …… and I know I am making a valiant effort in trying to use up as much of the stuff I already have left over from Christmases past ….. but it’s still good to mooch! 
I have a feeling, like Halloween, it’s going to be a poor Christmas for stickers, but I did find these robins in Paperchase (£1) which are just too cute, I also bought a few packets for Marc because one of his themes this year is robins for a school he “makes for”, and these I hope will be perfect.
Also from Paperchase this assorted box of coloured wooden stars, at £5 a little out of my comfort zone ….. however there are a lot in a box and stars are not just for Christmas, so I think/hope they are going to come in useful all through next year.
Moving on to Poundland, this card wreath …. not for hanging cards but for taking apart for the 24 green pegs, which are a really useful size, which I have found hard to find, and the 24 red wooden beads, which are also useful at this time of year on tags etc..
I think this nail art set is also going to come in very handy, they are all made from metal and look like tiny studs, a useful embellishment on stamped Christmas trees and baubles and for filling the odd gap, etc..
Likewise this pack of 36 self adhesive strips of gems, which of course can also be cut up. I love the colour combinations and have a few ideas for cards just using them more or less on their own.  They could also be used to bling up a parcel or a tag without costing the earth and because of the colours, not just for Christmas …. in fact they look quite Eastery!
And finally, for today …..these houses were a bit of an impulse buy, but hope I can get around to doing something with them this Christmas ….. I was thinking that all they need is a little snowy glitter on the roof and round the bottom, a few gems round the eaves and perhaps a little Santa Stop Here sign???? We shall see.