Sunday, 7 November 2010

Stamped Paper Flower Bulletin Board Pins

Stamped paper flower push pin The original idea for these bulletin board pins came from:-  where they were originally made from silk flowers, but I thought I could adapt the idea with materials that I had already.
flowers4 Black StazOn & Stampin Up Stamp
To make my version I’ve used paper flowers, black StazOn ink and part of a Stampin’ Up stamp that had writing on.
Posh push pins
For the centre of the flowers I have used these pins, which were a carboot find, bought for a few pence. I think that they may have originally been something to do with upholstery, but they are ideal for this project.
Stamped Paper flower 1
I stamped all the flowers first and then threaded them onto the pin, applying  plenty of strong PVA glue under the pin on the first flower and then a adding a dab to the centre of each layer to keep it all together, I find PVA adds a bit of strength to paper projects like this.
Stamped paper flower push pins
That’s all there is too them, not heavy duty I know, but pretty and a bit different.
Stamped paper push pins 3
I’ve made quite a few and will be putting two sets of four in my many pocketed Advent Calendar.