Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Christmas Microscope Slide With Wooden Stars.

This idea really didn’t work!  Admittedly it was an experiment, hence only a couple of pictures, my new self adhesive aluminium foil tape had just arrived and I wanted to try it out right away to reassure myself that I hadn’t wasted my money!
Microscope Slide Christmas Tree DecorationLet’s just say the tape is brilliant, but the slide, in my opinion, is wanting! I like the text background, sandwiched between the two slides, but the wooden stars,(Paperchase)  are just far too chunky and look clumsy and completely out of place   I think a microscope slide decoration/ornament should be light and delicate, and this certainly is not!  The wooden stars are, I think, better suited to a domino decoration instead, so there’s another “experiment” in the making
Microscope Slide Christmas Star DecorationIf/when I make another using the same paper, I would also put the stars on the inside of the glass and then find a suitable silver/green/burgundy embellishment to stick on the glass, if just a filigree corner (on order from China), and then add a charm, i.e a Christmas Tree to a bail on the bottom.